State of Pennsylvania Real Estate License Requirements

Pennsylvania Real Estate Requirements 

Article Summary:  The information below can help anyone looking to understand what it takes to earn a real estate license in Pennsylvania. The summary below includes insight into the governing agency, education, examination, and renewal requirements. 

Located in Harrisburg, PA, the State Real Estate Commission is responsible for granting licenses to applicants that have a reputation of trustworthiness, honesty, and integrity in order to safeguard the interest of the public. They also administer and enforce the real estate laws along with establishing educational requirements. 

The first prequalification to obtaining a license in PA includes being at least 18 years of age and having a HS diploma or equivalent. When it comes to the required pre-licensing education, the Commission mandates that a person successfully completes 75 hours of approved real estate education.  This includes the 45-hour real estate license practice course and 30-hour real estate license fundamentals course. 

One may also qualify if they received a bachelor’s degree with a major in Real Estate from an accredited college or a juris doctor degree from an accredited law school. Once course materials are complete, the course final exam must be passed with a score of 75% or higher in the presence of a proctor. 

After the educational requirements are met, an applicant can register for the Salesperson Examination through PSI Exams. The 2 portions of the exam are 110 questions in  total. In order to receive a passing score on the Salesperson exam, 60 out of 80 questions must be answered correctly on the national portion and 23 out of 30 for the state portion. Each applicant must obtain a PA report of their criminal history that may be obtained on the Commission’s website or from the Pennsylvania State Police Central Repository. 

In order to practice within the state, each licensee must have a sponsorship of a licensed real estate broker. Lastly, one can complete, sign, and submit the license application to the PA Real Estate Commission along with the $107 fee. The application must  be received within 3 years from the date that an applicant passed the exam. The state of PA mandated 14 hours of Continuing Education every 2 years by 5/31 on even-numbered years. 

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