Our Favorite Books for Real Estate Agents

Recommended Real Estate Books

I have read all of these books and would highly recommend reading them a few times, then leaving them at your desk and referencing them often.  There is a ton of great advice in all of these books for real estate agents.  I tried to pick a wide variety of topics than can help you in different aspects of your business, from your marketing efforts, to Youtube channels, to organizing your day. 

Recommended Business and Motivational Books

There are a ton of valuable business books available that are not necessarily in the real estate genre. I’m absolutely obsessed with reading or listing to just about any book I can get my hands on, and there are a ton I would recommend.  However, I tried to pick out the top three that I thought would help someone that is just in the beginning stages of setting up their real estate business.

Study Materials

Here are a few study materials that may be useful if you are prepping for your exam.  I have provided links to online courses on other pages, but sometimes people learn better with physical books and flashcards.