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Five Free Tools that will Increase any Real Estate Agents Productivity

What are the best free tools available to increase productivity? As you progress forward in your real estate career it will become more and more important to stay organized. Without mastering a few select tools it becomes very challenging to stay on top of everything that will be thrown at you as a real estate agent. If you are a beginner or looking for ways to stay more productive you may want to consider the tools I’ve outlined below. While they certainly aren’t the only productivity tools available, these are the tools I use personally. Best of all they all feature free versions or are have premium versions that are very affordable. Most of these tools are included in my technology guide for beginning real estate agents that explains easy ways to fit these costs in your starting budget. Shift The idea of shift is to bring all of your

Our Favorite Books for Real Estate Agents

Recommended Real Estate Books I have read all of these books and would highly recommend reading them a few times, then leaving them at your desk and referencing them often.  There is a ton of great advice in all of these books for real estate agents.  I tried to pick a wide variety of topics than can help you in different aspects of your business, from your marketing efforts, to Youtube channels, to organizing your day.  Miracle Morning For Real Estate Agents Buy Now Top Choice Youtube For Real Estate Agents Buy Now Top Choice Exactly What to Say For Real Estate Agents Buy Now Top Choice The Millionaire Real Estate Agent Buy Now Your First 365 Days in Real Estate Buy Now Bigger Pockets Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat Buy Now Recommended Business and Motivational Books There are a ton of valuable business books available that are not necessarily

Financial Guide to Getting Started in Real Estate

Create a Clear and Organized Financial Strategy One of the hardest things I see real estate agents struggle with is their finances. Financial woes are typically a big issue at the beginning of and agents career, but once a bad habit or big debt is acquired, it can be nearly impossible to get rid of. That’s why it’s important to set yourself up for success at the beginning, and understand that being a real estate agent is more than likely not going to lead to a huge financial windfall right away. It takes some agents years to develop a consistent income, and even veteran agents go through rough patches. This can lead to stress and depression that can have a big impact on an agent’s career, which just manages to deepen the downward spiral. So the real question is, what can you do to avoid the pitfalls and how do

How to Choose a Real Estate Brokerage

How to Begin Looking for the Right Real Estate Brokerage HINT :: GET MY FREE INTERVIEW TOOL AT THE END OF THIS ARTICLE Every agent begins their career trying to find the right brokerage for them. When you consider the incredible range of options offered into today’s real estate brokerage environment, that can be a challenging objective. In fact, you may have even noticed that many agents you know have jumped from brokerage to brokerage more than once. Many times that’s because circumstances change, but more often than not I believe it is because the agent did not do their proper homework. While you are completing your course work, it is just as important that you begin meeting with different brokerages and teams. In the current brokerage market, it will not be hard to set up these meetings with most brokerages of any size. Large franchise brokerage models rely on