State of Hawaii Real Estate License Requirements

Hawaii Real Estate Requirements 

Article Summary: This article provides general information and steps on becoming a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson or Broker in the state of Hawaii.  Resources are also provided on the governing Commission, necessary preliminary requirements, education, examination and more resources. 

The Real Estate Commission that carries out the requirements for educating, licensing, and regulating licenses is the Real Estate Branch of the Professional and Vocational Licensing Division located in Honolulu, HI. General Information for a Real Estate License can be found on their website

The first necessary qualifications to obtaining a real estate salesperson license in Hawaii include being a U.S. citizen, at least 18 years old, and having a fair, truthful, and honest reputation. 

The state of Hawaii requires a person to successfully complete an approved 60 hour pre-licensing salesperson education. After the course materials are finished, there is a final exam that needs to be passed with a minimum score of 70%. The prelicensure course schedules can be found online

PSI Services, LLC administers the Hawaii Real Estate Salesperson Licensing Exam. For more information on testing components and score requirements, see here. 

In order for a license to be in active state, an individual must be employed or associated with a current and active HI real estate brokerage firm or sole proprietor. Licensees are required to be renewed by November 30th of each even numbered year. A licensee has to prove to the commission that they attended 20 hours of approved continuing education courses during the two years before a renewal application is submitted. 

In order to get a real estate broker’s license in Hawaii, candidates must have a current salesperson license. They also must meet the experience requirements including 3 years of full time salesperson experience within the 5 years prior to an application. A person needs to successfully complete an 80 hour HI real estate broker prelicensing course. The real estate broker examination should be scheduled and passed with PSI. An application needs to be submitted within 2 years of passing the examination. 

A licensee must finish 20 hours of Commission approved continuing education to renew a license every two years. The continuing education requirements can be found here

Hawaii Real Estate License Requirements Continued

Anyone looking to obtain their real estate license in Hawaii has to meet minimum requirements before a license is issued. Before you even begin the educational part of the process, you have to meet minimum life requirements. You must be at least 18 when you begin the process. You have to be legally able to work in the United States, and you must have a valid Social Security Number. Your past must be free of criminal or felony convictions, and you must have good moral character and worth ethic.


All realtors in Hawaii are required to take pre-license educational courses before they can take the state exam. This consists of 60 hours of coursework. You can take it at any Hawaii Real Estate Branch-approved educational facility or approved online courses. Once you successfully complete this coursework, you can take the state exam. The fee for these courses depends on where you take them, whether you go in person or online, and the materials you choose to purchase for your classes.


It costs $63 to take the state exam for a real estate license in Hawaii. You must take the exam with a certified PSI Services, LLC facility. You can take this any time after you finish your educational coursework, but you need to pass before you can obtain a license. You can take the exam as many times as it takes to pass, but you have to pay each time. There are two sections you have to pass, and you only have to retake the one you failed if that is the case. You only have two years after you are done with your coursework to pass before you have to retake the classes. You need to pass with a score of 70 or higher.

Application Process

Now you’ve passed the exam, you get to send in your application. This is located on the HREB website, or you can take it from the testing center when you’re done with your exam. You have two years to apply before your exam score expires. The fee for your application depends on the year. If the year ends in an even number, the fee is $225. If it ends in an odd number, the fee is only $185. Once your application is processed, you will receive your license.

There are post-license continuing education classes required to renew your license each time it’s expiring, and those classes and fees are up to you to handle. Failing to take these classes results in an inactive license, and you don’t want to deal with that.

Exam Preparation Materials

Below is a link to the Hawaii Real Estate Exam Prep, you can find more study material for the nation real estate exam on our recommended books page.

Disclosure:: Please be aware that these requirements change from time to time, we do our best to monitor the changes but it is always best to go to the source to confirm the requirements!

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