State of Delaware Real Estate License Requirements

Delaware Real Estate Requirements

Article Summary: Through this article, one can learn further details on what is necessary to get a real estate license in the state of Delaware. Basic Licensing requirement, minimum education, experience, examination requirements and information is contained within the summary below.

The real estate licensing authority for the state is The Delaware Division of Professional Regulation and is done through the Real Estate Commission. Their goal is to maintain standards to protect the public while also issuing licenses to real estate salespersons and brokers. 

The state of Delaware requires 99 hours of complete approved pre-licensing education. These can be done online or in person. These courses are accredited by the Delaware Real Estate Commission. Each person must pass the course final exam with a  minimum score of 80 percent or higher.

The next step includes scheduling and passing the Delaware state real estate exam, administered by Pearson VUE. This test is made of both state and national requirements and is 130 questions total. To be licensed, each applicant must first be sponsored by a Broker in the state and they complete the real estate employment portion of the license application. 

To obtain a Broker License in Delaware, an applicant must complete 99 classroom hours of broker pre-licensing education though an accredited institution. Separate from a state broker licensing exam, there is an end-of-course examination that needs to be passed with a score of 75% or higher to complete the course. 

The DE Broker experience includes submitting documentation of at least 30 sales or lease transactions during the five years prior to an application. Three out of the five years has to have been spent practicing real estate actively. Before applying for a Broker’s license, the DE Real Estate Broker Exam needs to be passed with a score of 75% or higher. This exam is also administered by Pearson VUE and can be scheduled on their website

Both salesperson and broker licenses are required to be renewed by April 30th of even years. The amount of continuing education necessary depends on when someone’s license was issued and can be found here

Delaware Real Estate License Requirements

Real estate agents are expected to work with the highest level of integrity in Delaware, which is why they are held to such a high standard. The requirements for all Delaware realtors are strict, and anyone hoping to apply for a real estate license must meet every requirement. You must be at least 18, you must have a clean criminal history, and you must meet all the education requirements put in place by the Delaware Real Estate Commission.


Before you can apply for a real estate license, you must successfully complete 99-hours of classwork. This classwork can be done at a DREC-approved location or online through a DREC-approved program. These 99 hours include lessons in Real Estate Math, Law, and Practices. The cost for this course is dependent on variable factors such as whether you take the course in person, online, and how many additional materials you choose to purchase.


Following the successful completion of your real estate courses, you are eligible to sit for the state exam at a DREC-approved location. This exam must be passed, but you can take it several times to ensure you’re able to pass. The fee for taking the state exam is $94, which is payable every time you take the exam. It’s best to pass the first time around with a score of 70 points or higher. You only have four hours to pass the exam once you begin, so there is plenty of time.

License Application

Now that you’ve successfully completed all of the education required for a real estate license, it’s time to mail your application. It’s found on the DREC website, and it must be honestly and completely filled out. Missing information means your application is not processed, which is problematic. Your application must include a $133 fee, it must be notarized, and you must include any legal documents that show a legal name change. You must also have the broker you plan to work with sign the employment section. You must include certification of successful completion of your pre-license education and your state exam.

All licensed agents complete continuing education every few years after they are licensed. This education is required to renew a license. Your broker will discuss this with you as it is due, but you are responsible for paying for courses, completing them, and renewing your own Delaware Real Estate License.

Disclosure:: Please be aware that these requirements change from time to time, we do our best to monitor the changes but it is always best to go to the source to confirm the requirements!

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