Arizona Real Estate License Requirements

Arizona Real Estate Requirements 

Article Summary: This article provides guidance and steps a person should take in getting their Arizona real estate license. There is information pertaining to the State of Arizona’s education, laws, license requirements, renewal information, and more.

The Arizona Department of Real Estate or ADRE for short is located in Phoenix, Arizona. They are responsible for overseeing the activity of all licensees within the state along with investigating any complaints filed along with the Dispute process. The ADRE also approves pre-licensing instruction, continuing education courses, and necessary testing. Their goal is to make sure the schools and courses have quality and accurate material. 

In order for an applicant to be qualified for an original Arizona real estate license, they must show acceptable character including honesty and truthfulness. Moreover, a person is required to be at least 18 years old at the time of applying for a license. Also, an individual must not have had a real estate license denial within a year or revoked for any reason within two years of the application. 

There are 90 hours required in the classroom or online training for pre-licensing coursework at an approved Arizona real estate school. One must pass the examination at an ADRE-approved real estate school, college, or university. Another license requirement involves a Fingerprint Clearance Card. These are issued by the AZ Department of Public Safety and the process can take as long as eight to ten weeks to receive. A person needs to attend a 6-hour Contract Writing class and receive a certificate before the license application. 

After the 90 hours of approved pre-licensing education is complete along with passing the final course exam and submitting the other required documents, an applicant must schedule and pass the Arizona Real Estate Exam. This is all done through Pearson VUE. A Fee schedule and more information is listed on the ADRE website. The Examination application and Examination Fees combined currently are $75 for a salesperson. The License Fee itself is $50. 

Applying for an Arizona real estate license must happen within one year from the date of passing the national and state-specific portions of the AZ Real Estate Exam. A salesperson needs to hire on with a broker at the time of application or get hired on after licensing online. 

In order to qualify for a broker’s license, a salesperson with a real estate license must have proof of three years of full-time experience within the five years after an original application. Completion of 90 hours of pre-licensing education through an ADRE-approved school and passing the school’s final Broker examination in person is needed. They then should register and pass the Broker State Exam through Pearson VUE and apply for a license within one year of passing the state licensing exam. 

There is a convenient license renewal checklist provided by the AZ Department of Real Estate along with continuing education credit requirements frequently asked question guides provided. In each 24 month period, a licensee must go online and submit 24 hours of approved CE courses. 

Consider getting your Arizona real estate license.  View inSedona, Arizona, USA
Sedona, Arizona, USA

Arizona Real Estate License Requirements

Getting an Arizona real estate license is a bit more difficult than it is in other states. While most states allow students to take their pre-license coursework online if need be, that is not an option in Arizona. In addition to those coursework hours, all applicants must meet certain requirements. There are no exceptions. You either meet them all or forgo applying for a real estate license in Arizona.


Before you begin the process of becoming a real estate agent in Arizona, you need to meet the basic requirements. You must be at least 18. You must issue your fingerprints for review, and you must disclose whether or not you’ve ever been convicted of any crimes or felonies, civil judgments, and whether or not any of your previous professional licenses have had any action taken against them. You must also pass a background check. It’s a stringent process.


Anyone interested in taking the Arizona real estate license exam must be present for 90-hours of classwork called pre-license education at an approved facility. This must be taken at an approved real estate school in Arizona, and online courses are not permitted for this portion of the education requirements. You have to pass this class to become eligible to take the state exam.

It may be a good idea to simultaneously plan out your real estate business while you are studying for the exam. Be sure to check out our technology and budgeting advice.


Once you’ve taken the class, you have to pass the state exam. The fee is $75 each time you take the exam. Once you pass, you have to submit the real estate agent application, which is available online at the Arizona Department of Real Estate. The fee to apply for a license is $60. Before you can submit that, however, you have to take an additional 6-hours of education called the Contract Writing Class. You have only one year to submit your application for a real estate license following the successful completion of the state real estate exam. If you don’t, your exam score is no longer valid, and you’ll have to begin the entire process once again.

Before your license is approved, you must show proof that you’ve been hired into a broker’s office to work as a licensed real estate agent. Your new broker must approve your hire with the Arizona Department of Real Estate before your license is issued. This is something to discuss with the broker you want to work with to ensure they’re aware.

Disclosure:: Please be aware that these requirements change from time to time, we do our best to monitor the changes but it is always best to go to the source to confirm the requirements!

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