Tools & Resources to Start Your Real Estate Career

There are an overwhelming amount of products available to real estate agents when they start their career.  So much so that sorting through them to choose the most effective items can be overwhelming.  Its important to remember that you don’t have to spend a fortune to stay productive when you are just starting out.  I’ve tried to put together free or cost effective products that can grow with your business.  I would recommend reading through some of my beginner guides to learn more about the products below.  All of them are featured at least once if you want to learn more about the specifics. 

Disclosure:  Many of the below links are affiliate links, which means I earn a small commission or some free use of the product if you sign up using my link.  If you don’t mind, it is appreciated :).

Websites & Domains

Building your own website that you control throughout your career can be a very valuable asset.  You may change brokerages, teams, etc, but having a constant place that your clients can find you will grow more and more important over time.  It can also generate leads and provide revenue sources that can change your business.  Below are just a few of the tools that I use.

Namecheap Domains

Most of the domains I buy are purchased through Namecheap. Beast Mode is a must try.

Try Namecheap

WP engine

If you want your site to be fast and reliable then you really can’t do much better if you are using WordPress.

Try WP engine

IDX Broker

There are others, but IDX Broker is my favorite provider to get the MLS directly on your website.

Try IDX Broker


Juggling clients, listings, meetings, leads, and your own personal life can quickly become overwhelming for a lot of people in the real estate industry.  It is important to master a few tools that can make your life a lot easier.  Below I have outlined some of my favorites and I’ve also included a productivity guide for several of these products.


Learn how to use Evernote for your everyday tasks and I promise that you will see a difference. Its free!

Try Everynote Free


If you are constantly on multiple emails, tabs, and apps then Shift will change your life.

Try Shift Free


Make lists of both short term and long term goals. Track repetitive tasks and organize your thoughts.

Try todoist Free

Marketing Platforms

Marketing yourself as an agent is the most important think a new real estate agent can do.  It becomes more and more important to contact your sphere and past clients regularly and in different formats.  I rely on several of the services below every single day and they make my marketing tasks very achievable in an affordable way.

Mailer lite

Start with the free plan ans work your ways up. This app is perfect for capturing leads and newsletters.

Try Mailerlite Free

Keeping Current Matters

If you need help putting together social media posts, buyer guides, market reports and more.


Send Out Cards

This service makes it incredibly easy to send greeting cards and gifts through the actual mail.

Try SendOutCards

Business Structure

Many agents don’t realize that they are operating as an independent contractor, and therefor need to understand that they are essentially running their own business within a business.  I would recommend setting up an LLC and beginning to build your business credit.  The platforms below can provide assistance with both of these objectives at a reasonable cost.

Swyft Filings

Get help setting up your LLC or corporation and make sure your filing is done correctly.

Try Swyft Filings

Dun & Bradstreet

Having good business credit can be a nice asset in the future. Start building it on day one.

Try Dun &Bradstreet

Finances & Taxes

Real Estate agents are consistently terrible at managing their finances and often rank as the worst profession at paying their taxes on time.  This is due to the nature of having to account for all of your paycheck.  Devise a savings system from day one that will help save you frustrations and also set yourself up for a more enjoyable career in the future.  Stressing about money is the absolute worst and can kill a real estate career in an instance.


Start saving the easy way with commission free trades and a high interest savings acct all in one.

Try Robinhood


Consider refinancing your auto or home loans to save as much money as possible each month.

Try Lendingtree